Two Poems by Tse Hao Guang

two minute Buddha jumps over the wall
     when I grow up I will be God
	                            of Cooking, grow
      up will be Saint of Gambling
	                   be Tricks Expert, tough—

as things look
	                            up down comes
           a Goddess from the skies
				          to suggest
		       light my internal
	       flame I can
		                fry an egg by—     hey
	demure bun
		 maker hi plucky
				assorted noodle
		       lady   		     our love possible
				after extensive
		facial surgery—

     this close-up tear
	        dripping down your cheek
			     is onion in my barbecue pork
	            the most sorrowful
			          barbecue pork
				       exploding pissing 
				   beef balls!

	I suppose I
	      will reincarnate         in the bigger
			  budget sequel
	             I sweat too much
	   & you’re my uncle
for when all is said & done you get born again for better days
     I’m doing great 
     from the neck down 
	               	           one minute 
			   early sweeping	  the next 
			             shatters & I’m lush
		  	        w/ praise

	 try as you may to silence 
	       the oil spot
		                                      the tortoiseshell
     glaze alone remains 
 as it was before

    		      you crave immediate 
		               effect while I alone remain 
	        as I was before

                           one moment soap 
	                    bubbles  	   the next teacups & 
	would you have 
     guessed it was a sonnet 
			      if I’d not said?

	  what a world-class world!

Tse Hao Guang (謝皓光) is a Singaporean poet and editor, assembled with parts from Hong Kong and Malaysia. His first full-length poetry collection, “Deeds of Light,” was shortlisted for the 2016 Singapore Literature Prize. He co-edited literary anthologies UnFree Verse and Food Republic, and the e-journal OF ZOOS. He is a 2016 fellow of the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, and the 2018 National Writer-in-Residence at Nanyang Technological University.