two poems by Anurak Saelaow

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As stand-in for life until that life was lived.
As mannequin draped in older folds.

I recall using the words before but not when.
I decant the swill by tilting my ear.

These days I glitch through halls
in my own buzzy way. An artifact

left over from some earlier production.
Are these sad sashes all that’s left

from the bluster of it all? I take
a ribbon into my mouth and trace it

until I find my body. The singing
only starts where the light winks out.

Forget stately. I’m shoving my tongue
down the throats of everyone involved.

Lorem Ipsum

head a churning well             you drop coins into

             on the Courtyard mattress next to me

                          transcribing space

         with the comma         of your arm

                                  dreaming of rabbits

their white buttocks

nestled into hollows     filling the patient

               page of the mind

                                          i bury the lede                sometimes

                                          i am a cup to spit into

                                                                     familiar               my nature of glass

                                                     its guilelessness

                           the way it brims

                           and empties out            retaining nothing

Anurak Saelaow is a Singaporean poet and writer. His work has been published in New Singapore Poetries, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Cultural Weekly, The Kindling, Ceriph, and elsewhere. He is the author of one chapbook, Schema (The Operating System, 2015), and holds a BA in creative writing and English from Columbia University.