Category: Translation

  • Three Poems by Allan Popa

    By Allan Popa, translation by Bernard Capinpin / There will be days when you’ll shed tears / over breakfast, dipping / the bread into coffee / like when you were a child / because who could’ve imagined / it possible still.

  • Bopomofo Practice: Two Translations

    By Lin Yi, translation by May Huang / ㄅ is but, ㄅ falls lightly / you say but no, but you can’t read / but ㄅㄆ is bravely practicing / bravely practicing words that look like snakes

  • Three Poems by Louise Law

    Translation by Jacqueline Leung / you pray your bitterness will never vanish never wit / her your bitterness is like the scorching sun is like your / bitterness just like your forsaken your viscid bitterness

  • Chain-smokers

    By Kay So, translation by Jacqueline Leung / I worked as a night-shift cashier in Tokyo for a while. Customers who came late at night were usually regulars who always bought the same goods, especially cigarettes.