Category: Fiction

  • The Disciple

    By Wong Chun Ying | She was surprised to see that he still smoked the same cigarettes, after all these years. It was what she used to run to get for him, when he started getting jittery and started pacing in the editorial room. Marlboro Black Menthol “without legs,” ng jiu goek.

  • Our Mother

    By Ned Carter Miles | This year was my turn to light the fire, and I chose to do it on top of a rough black stone that looked unmistakably like Ernest Borgnine—the same roundness and folds.

  • Lunch Special

    By Mimi Wong | On screen, a woman dressed as a nurse hooked up a heart monitor to a man wearing only swim trunks. Meanwhile, another woman, this one in a string bikini, performed a lap dance. A male host announced that the man’s heart rate had jumped from 96 to 120.

  • Sluts and Anita Mui

    By Ysabelle Cheung | Bad habits make bad girls; bad girls get raped, their mother always used to say.